Thursday, March 17, 2011

When It's Over...

I swear, I would do the things that I have been itching to do once my final exams are over.

There are a thousand things to do on my list right now. My home decorating project has been put on hold because I had to study, study, study. My photobook projects were also put on hold. My three other blogs need updates. These, and thousands of other stuff I need to do when it's all over.

I have three more major exams to go and one is taking place today. The exams will be over on the 31st. I know that is still two weeks from now and I have a lot of studying to do. But when they are over, I am going to proceed with my home decorating project. I am going to buy outdoor lighting (I found some options on lamp click) especially outdoor ceiling lights, plant some flowers in pots, and take out the garden furniture into the balcony. The days are getting warmer and I am sure the balcony will soon become a favorite spot in the house. And since our balcony space has doubled, I think it would also be nice to install some outdoor wall sconces.

Then I would continue working on my photobook projects. If I can remember it correctly, I have 7 photobooks to create. And before I can do all that, I need to organize my photo files. Just organizing the photos is a lot of work, if you are like me who takes countless shots when I am up to it.

Whew! Just thinking about all these things make me wonder, will I ever finish all of those in just three weeks? Yes, I only have a three week break before the summer semester begins. When will I be able to relax then?

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