Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fun Things For Kids

My three year old daughter is now so very talkative and active and a joy to be with because she can now do all sorts of stuff. As a mom, I know I have to find ways on how to keep her interested in doing even the simplest things by making it fun for her.

Teaching children how to help around in the house should be fun for them so that they don't see it as a chore but rather as a fun thing to do. Every time I collect the laundry, I would ask my daughter is she could shoot her clothes in the laundry bag. Each time she is able to shoot, she get a point from me plus praises, a hug and lots of kisses. I think she enjoys it.

Another thing that is is fun to do is doing puzzles and hand crafts with them. On lazy days and the kindergarten is closed, I would bring out colorful origami papers and we would fold them into all sorts of things. On fine weather, I would take her out to the nearby playground, and armed with her shovel and molds, she would happily play in the sand box or go slide down the slides and have a go at the swing. I on the other hand, would watch her and imagine her playing in our own backyard, with a marvelous garden designed and maintained by Dallas landscaping. A small man-made pond with fishes in it is something that will be very fun and interesting for my little girl so that will have to be included in my imaginary little haven.

I also let her choose and pick up some of the groceries on our list and let her put it in the grocery cart. She likes it a lot, maybe because it gives her some feeling that she has control of things. Sometimes, she would lead us to the kids section and point out some very cute stephen joseph quilted backpacks, even a Mom won't be able to resist. But since it's not in the budget at the moment, we are firm to tell her that she doesn't need it yet and that we don't have enough money to pay for it. We also allow her to pay the grocery and she would feel like she just achieved something great. Perhaps it gives her a sense of independence.

She also likes to put her clothes on by herself. She is still very slow and I have to be patient just so we wouldn't fight. I sometimes ask her if I can help especially with the buttons and to keep myself from doing the buttons, I would just remember that she is still a small kid, trying to do things on her own. I know soon, she will be capable of doing more things and I guess all a parent can do is be there, and guide.

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