Monday, March 28, 2011

One More To Go

Yosh! This Thursday will be my last day of final exams. I only have Technology Assessment and Environmental Economics left to study. I have three more days to prepare and I know I must not waste this precious time given to me to prepare. That should be a relief for me.

Last Thursday was the most stressful exam ever! I was only able to realize that I got the coefficients all mixed for the chemical components so that I wasn't able to find out which chemical equation is linearly dependent and which ones are not. And with only ten minutes till submission time, I was all cramming! Plus, there was one part where I had no answers to the problems. And because I already forgot to integrate, that made matters worse for me. Waahhh!!! Embarassing as it might be, I don't know how to integrate anymore! To think I am an engineer. Hahah!

I swear I will put "learn how to integrate" in my "to do list" this spring break. Then I will have learned something useful and worthwhile. What a weird way to spend the spring break!

So there. I must stop blogging now. I have a thousand things to do still. And all of them can't wait. Will update later. Have a great week y'all!

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