Saturday, November 20, 2010

Soon It Will Be Christmas Day

It's amazing how time flies. It is almost Christmas. The stores are decked with variety of Christmas decorations ranging from classic to rustic. Lots of decoration ideas abound and I am too am excited for my Christmas shopping. I suddenly have the urge to do my decorating right now. The Christmas spirit is certainly in the air and in a country where Christmas is very much celebrated, you really just can't help but feel cheery and bright.

I am looking forward to visiting the Christmas markets here and in other parts of the country. And of course, tasting a variety of Christmas delicacies, most of them sweets and loaded with lots of butter and drinking warm gl├╝hwein in the wintry day. I know I must arm myself with fat burners so that I could still fit into my clothes when the Christmas holiday is past.

We celebrate Christmas differently depending on where we are in the world. But no matter the differences in our customs and traditions, one thing remains: Jesus is the reason for the celebration.


zoan said...

yeah, christmas is almost here we must prepare our gifts for our god-daughters and god-sons :)

Sound Proud International said...

yes! in a month's time,it will be Christmas once again. Probably the most awaited time by kids. Because they are excited about their gifts. so better finish your Christmas list to avoid the rush

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