Monday, November 1, 2010


When my friends here learned that I am blogging, they were amazed and asked all sorts of questions. Of course, the answers do not always come easy and quick. There are also some who got interested and wanted to try writing a blog of their own. But when I went down into the details of how they should proceed about it, what to do and what not to do, and then some technicalities, a deafening silence and a blank face often follows. I guess I am not very good when it comes to explaining myself verbally.

So I guess what newbies want is a user-friendly platform that will allow them to write and publish their entries in a hassle-free manner. If they want their own domains for FREE, they could also get webhosting and the package may or may not include cpanel web hosting, a new feature that allows its users to manage their emails and files easier, enables the installation of software with just a click, track and understand useful blog statistics, and other advanced options.. Having your blog hosted in a separate web hosting service allows for unlimited bandwidth and disk space unlike in free-hosted platforms like WordPress or Blogger.

Technicalities notwithstanding, I can absolutely say that blogging is a very great way to journal and chronicle things, a means to expressing oneself and even getting others to respond through comments.


Trish said...

hi! just followed your lovely blog :)
grabbed your badge as well. i'll be joining your tuesday couch potato, because I so love watching movies. :)

please drop by my blog, too.

thanks and have a nice day :)

mizztraveller said...

Blogging is a good activities and work . This is the ways u share and express everything in ur mind .

Happy blogging dear :)

zoan said...

i cannot say anything more, i mean, you just explained what is blogging all about and why :D

Suman Kundu said...

Yes you are right. Blogging is a very great way to express your thoughts to the worlds. I started blogging back in 2008, tried different application. As a starter I prefer, where I found my interests are growing about blogging. Then take my own domain and add some open source php application to make my own blogging site.

Even though I am a technical person, specifically software developer, I prefer open source applications for the purpose, its a good way to study how blog engines are working and which features are more important to you. Recently, I released my own blog engine with a new domain and .NET technology. Yet to go a long to make it a perfect blog engine, but it is only another step towards a dream. What giving me the fuel to work step by step is the incredible value of blogging. I will definitely advice all the reader to start writing.. Keep blogging..

Profiling Your Dating said...

hmm.. i like blogging very much :D
regards friend!!!

Grandy said...

It's funny, because not EVERYBODY I know even knows I have a blog. It's just easier that way. I connect with bloggers as another means of escape for me. My freedom to vent or express my thoughts without fear of it coming back to bite me, allows me to be more "frank".

Congratulations on your blog, your activity, and your honesty with your friends. :)

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