Sunday, November 7, 2010

An Adjustable Bed

We recently moved to a new house and we are currently trying to furnish it, one day at a time. Our next project will definitely be furnishing our bedroom. We badly need a new bed and so I am looking for good beds out there.

These days, we are sleeping the traditional Japanese way where we only use futons for beds. I must admit it has been a while since we slept on one so that when we wake up in the morning, we end up having low back aches. Even the hubby snores a lot because of the uncomfortable flat position. But I know it will end and we will finally get better sleep soon.

So which bed to choose? I have been hearing a lot about Craftmatic adjustable beds and how equipped with optional heat and massage may provide temporary relief of low back pain and temporary relief of edema or swelling legs. I know that we just need one especially now that the cold days are here. We sure could use an adjustable electric bed with a heating accessory so that we wouldn't need to use the heater in our room overnight. My legs also tend to swell especially during the cold season because I don't move a lot. Having a bed that I could adjust so that I can raise my legs for a number of minutes during the day and in the evenings will indeed be very helpful. And because it is adjustable, hubby can adjust the bed in such a manner that he sleeps in an almost upright position. Perhaps through this, his light and occasional snoring may be lessened or subside.

With all these benefits that a Craftmatic adjustable bed provides, we might as well purchase one.


Zedvick said...

grabbed your badge :)

zoan said...

i didn't know about that bed, because the only bed we had in our house is the typical one, with 4 feet and made of wood with foam above :)

craftmatic said...

I was overwhelmed with your experience and I just have to agree with it that Whichever suits your taste in comfort would be the better choice. It would always be our own satisfaction for comfort that would mater most.

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