Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mommy Moments: Favorite Color

It's still difficult to tell what my little girl's favorite color is. After all, I am the one who buys her clothes and decides what she will wear for the day. However, because she is a girl, pink and red and purple will always be a part of her wardrobe. And she just enjoys wearing these stuff because she sees me delighted when she wears them. Lol! I think she has a preference for pink though because she can associate the color with Hello Kitty, Barbie, Strawberry Shortcake (Emily  Erdbeer). 

Although she wears mainly these girly colors, I also love it when she wears gray and brown and other neutral colors. I think any color suits her so let's just wait and see what her favorite color will be in the years to come. For now, Mommy pulls the strings when it comes to choosing her clothes for the day. I do look forward to the day though when she starts to choose what I should wear. I just know she'll be a better fashion consultant than me.

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christina said...

kids just love anything that's colorful :)

dropping by :)

warr_shee said...

she looks like a happy kid and not to mention she is pretty too.

kimmy said...

i think she would look good in any color because she is really cute!

Chris said...

its great that she wears all colors.. my daughter only wants pink.. and it can be stressful! :D

Zedvick said...

No prob, thanks for adding me :)

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