Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Music In My Heart

I have always loved listening to Jesuit Music. They comfort and reassure me that I am never alone even if I am alone. They always reassure me that my God is present here with me. Each time I get exhausted and burdened by my duties, I listen to vespers or Himig Heswita or Bukas Palad or Hangad or Noel Cabangon, and I am on my feet again. I know music will always rejuvenate me especially if the music is from the heart. And I thank God for the gift of music, for without music, life will indeed be dull.

My song for today is entitled Pilgrim's Theme. Everytime I feel that life has become too monotonous and routinary for me, I listen to this acapella version of Hangad. And the exhaustion goes away as I realize that God is constantly calling me and all I need to do is listen. I realize that I need not despair because the road I have chosen is that path that is meant for me.


A Blessed Wednesday to all!


Kikit said...

Love this song too K! Love ko din ang “All Shall be Well”. They simply soothe my heart.

Bingkee said...

I am a fundamentalist Christian and I also love listening to praise music . I listen to it every morning as soon as I wake up and before I pray .I even created solely for praise and gospel . You can check it out;

Mommy Jac said...

I love the Video thank you for sharing Btw I have an award-tag for you

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