Friday, January 30, 2009

My "Pasalubong" List

We only have a few weeks more and we're finally off to the Philippines! Yey! I am just sooo excited because it's been almost two years since I left. I wonder how my parents and parents-in-law look like today. Have they aged or do they look the same. Of course I miss my siblings and all my cousins and my dearest nephew, Miggy, who turned 2 years old last January 19th. And I would finally get my taste of home-made Filipino dishes! Wheee!!

I still have some shopping to do though. Coming home won't be complete without the "pasalubong". I already have a few things on my mind on what to buy. Like the Lego bucket set for my nephew Miggy. My mother told me that he loves to assemble stuff. My brother had been sweet talking me to buy him some climbing gears - climbing shoes and jacket to be exact because they'll be climbing Mt. Apo this March. My cousins asked me to buy them those cute foot socks that my sister brought with her when she came here. Of course, the chocolates and macadamia nuts will not be forgotten since they are my mom's favorites. And I will also have to buy some toys for my and hubby's nieces and nephews too. Perhaps Hello Kitty plush for the girls and Tomas trains for the little boys. And yes, I should buy for my other siblings too.. maybe skin care products for the two of them. I shan't forget the cup noodles too. And what of the fathers? Hmmm... That I have to think through yet. I'm afraid a Seiko watch is too expensive for now. Hehe!


Enchie said...

gosh nice pasalubongs, especially the hello kitty.orig na orig :) have fun kikamz!!! and never say no to any of our dishes!

little zoie said...

hi, mommy kikamz!
getting ready for baby sam’s big day?

excited na rin si mommy and daddy ko on my big day too! where are you staying here?

mommy has a suggestion for the skin care products for your pasalubong… try daw po VMV Hypoallergenics… the best daw po yan!

have a safe trip! and kisses to baby sam…

Umma said...

waaah,,, pasalubong .. sakit ulo ko nyan Mommy.. its hard to find some stuff kasi..

Hope u will be able to complete all your pasalubong before you go off to Phils. SUper excited na cguro ikaw no? But goodness, knowing your itinerary parang di kaya ng power ko nyan mommy Kikamz.

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