Friday, January 30, 2009

Mommy Moments: The First Time I Saw You Smile

mommy moments

"Your smiles are always a source of joy and serenity, my dear little one. That's why I treasure each moment when you arch your tiny lips into that beautiful smile of yours. Keep smiling my child... Because they always make my day. I love you so much!"

Here's a few of my baby Samantha Ysabelle's first smiles:

Sam at barely a month old: A tiny mysterious smile
as if she knows something that we don't. ;-)

At 1 Month and 3 weeks: While looking at her hanging little friends.
I swear there was a smile there. Can you see it?

At 2 months old: Feeling happy and refreshed just after her bath.

At 3 months: A smile for her Daddy on his birthday.

Oh yes, the joys of being a mom! Just one smile from our little ones can take away all the exhaustion and worries, right?

I am glad to share my mommy moment with you all. I can't wait for next week's theme!

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niko said...

wow!!! i can see her smile on every photo.. medyo mahiyaing smile pa nga ung iba!! :) hahaha

cute mo dear sam.. love ur pics!! :D

anyways, i changed the comment settings just for you just now.. lakas mo saken dear!!


Jes said...

hi! thanks for dropping by!
You also had a wonderful child!! matipid lng ang smile heheh =)cute ng babies ano? i mssed having a baby ulit! =)
Im sure daddy’s so kilig nung nginitian sya ng baby ehhe =)

leah said...

thanks for dropping by. your little girl is such a cutie! :)

kamz said...

@ niko: touched naman ako sa yo dear and you changed the settings just for me. thanks!

@ jes: naku, hindi cya matipid ngumiti. curious lang sa cam kaya tumitigil na agad.. when she got older, she all smiles and grins na. tatawa pa.

mary ann binuya said...

your babies are very cute. Priceless moments….

Eds said...

Oh my she’s so cute! Ang hinhin pa ng smile nya ha :)

Umma said...

Oo nga.. medyo shy ang smile ni baby Sam dito ha?
Pareho sila ni YL ko.. walang buhok din nung baby pa.

iceah said...

true a smile and even a laugh makes our days brighter as well as brings a smile on our lips plus warms our hearts c:

Enchie said...

shhh…wag paalam kay daddy, pero baby sam looks a lot like mommy :)

hazel&elmer said...

cutie! lalo na yung picture after the bath! it’s so nice to share mommy moments! =)

Twinkie said...

Amen! Isang ngiti nga lang… tiklop na ang Mommy noh? She looks so demure sa mga shots unlike my daughter, bigay todo. Hehehe!

Evan's Mom said...

awww… i like her pic after she took a bath!!! :) such a cutie :)

its really so nice to go back and reminisce moments like this, isnt it?

truly God’s blessings for mommies! :)

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