Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Tips for Successful Interior Decorating

Whether you need to decorate a new home or want to revamp the look of your current house, you can do it without giving up all you already have.

Your home should remain comfortable, but retain an updated look. You can achieve this with a few updates or by contracting with one of the many interior design companies Denver offers. Even when creating a new look for your home, you need not throw out all of your existing furniture. Pick out your favorite pieces to keep and have the designer create the new look with them included.

A few exceptions exist. Interior designers agree that some looks should not resurface. Their design personalities simply clash with today’s way of life. This list lets you avoid huge mistakes, like the room full of flowered furniture ala Laura Ashley in the 1980s.

Carpets and Rugs
Too much or too little reflects badly on design. The 1960s and early 70s obsession with a wall-to-wall carpet should not come back, reports Insider. Actress Jayne Mansfield once had her bathroom carpeted wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor in pink no less. Conversely, the popular notion from just a decade ago that your accent rug should fit the size of the table on top of it died. Today’s designers have learned that moderation rules. You can use a room-sized rug without it touching the corners. The pattern works better than monochrome. Super plush and flokati rugs only work in very specific settings.

Ah, the 1940s innovation of linoleum meant you could have a new floor in an instant or at least an afternoon. It rolled out in sheets and covered many bathrooms and kitchens. Today, you should choose from tiles or laminate flooring, marble, or stone. Hardwood floors with accent rugs make a cozy look, too.

The Overly-Designed Look
Some interior designs of the past turned out a bit too much like a staged shoot for House Beautiful. Your home should look lived in and comfortable. Some designers chose matching furniture sets and attempted austere monochromatic designs. Today’s interior designers understand how to make a house feel like home much better. Include a variety of pieces with similar looks in the same color family or hue, but refrain from purchasing furniture sets such as you would buy in most chain furniture stores. Purchase a couch from one collection, a chair from another, end tables from a different furnishing designer, etc.

Hiring an interior designer does not mean handing them your house keys and letting them do all the work. You still need to understand why they make the suggestions they do and vocally contribute which pieces of furniture and art you currently own that you just cannot give up. This helps you obtain a cozy result that makes you love walking in the front door each night.

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