Sunday, November 22, 2020

Samantha's Crib

This is the name of our first ever rental property back in my home country. It is a one-bedroom condominium unit in one of the properties constructed by one of the country's supposed to be best developers. We
officially opened and rented it out to short term renters via AirBnB in the middle of 2019. 

A fully furnished unit, there was a lot of investment, time, skills and love poured into this property. The photos say it all, and the positive reviews we received from our guests were just inspiring and overwhelming. Of course there will always be room for improvement as we are newcomers to the hospitality business. 

Then everything went on a standstill in November 2019 when a strong earthquake hit our City. This was followed by a series of aftershocks and then another strong one in December. One of the building's foundations was structurally damaged and our unit was not spared. It incurred major damages and we had to cancel bookings since then. To make matters worse, early this year the COVID-19 pandemic happened, and with the lockdowns and travel restrictions, our unit has been closed since then. We are waiting for the developer to come and conduct the repair works, and this has been postponed again and again. It was supposed to be in October this year and they moved it again to February next year. 

But what can we do? We can only wait... And hope that soon, we will be able to reopen to the public again. Here is praying that things will be moving forward soon. 

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