Thursday, November 5, 2020

Climbing Rocks Indoors and Outdoors

Outdoor Rock Climbing

Some of the people who start climbing at indoor rock climbing gyms will want to switch to climbing rocks outdoors in the future. Other people are just interested in indoor rock climbing gyms for their own sake. Both groups of people can certainly enjoy all of the activities that are available at indoor rock climbing gyms. There's no reason why a person has to go to one of these gyms for the sake of one day climbing rocks outdoors. 

However, it is true that the people who are interested in outdoor rock climbing should go to indoor rock climbing gyms first. Ideally, they should not start this activity in a setting that tends to have unique risks and challenges. While it's certainly possible to start outdoor rock climbing on rock faces that are relatively low to the ground and that have good handholds, it still will not be a controlled environment.

Climbing and Stability

There are lots of environmental factors to consider when people are climbing rocks in nature. They'll have to think about moisture levels, the amount of sunlight, and other variables related to the weather. Outdoor rock faces are also not as stable as interior climbing walls, even if they have been specifically maintained for this purpose.

People can secure themselves when climbing rocks outdoors, but it's still easier to do so in a rock climbing gym that was explicitly designed for this purpose. The handholds that are accessible in nature also might not be able to hold a person's weight. All of the handholds in rock climbing gyms were designed to be strong and stable, giving people another reason to feel secure. 

Indoor Rock Climbing

People who want to climb rock faces outside might be concerned about whether or not the skills that they've acquired in rock climbing gyms will be usable there. Obviously, climbing walls indoors at places like Rock'n & Jam'n is still different from climbing rock faces in important ways. However, people still have to develop the muscle power to make both sets of actions possible. They can certainly do so in both environments.

There are lots of major and minor skills involved with something like rock climbing. People need to avoid getting tired during an activity that requires them to lift a certain amount of their body weight. They'll improve their cardiovascular fitness levels in the process. Rock climbing gives people the chance to pause between bursts of energy, but they'll need a lot of energy each time they move. Individuals who are used to walking or jogging might still find wall climbing strenuous since it might involve an unfamiliar energy usage pattern for them. 

People also just have to get used to the setting itself. Climbing is not something most people do on a regular basis. People may have climbed trees in the past, but rock climbing and wall climbing is very different. Relying on a flat, vertical surface for balance is unusual. The people who get used to that position will already end up developing skills that they can use in all types of climbing. 

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