Saturday, November 7, 2020

Baby Photography Services in Hospitals

I have always wondered how they are able to take studio photos of days-old newborn babies when generally, mommies will not expose their newborns to places outside of their homes when not necessary. Then I got answer when I let our little one have her photoshooting right at my hospital bed when she was 2 days old. :)

Yes, hospitals offer this photoshooting service and they have an "in-house" professional photographer who magically turns your hospital bed into a photo studio for your little one, complete with all the accessoires the baby might need for the shoot. In a small trolley, they have lots of props available for baby girls, boys and twins.

And the photoshooting takes just about 30-60 minutes depending on the baby's mood. Because they are still newborns, they don't really move a lot so this makes it easier to photograph them. Be sure that your baby is fed though so they are in a good mood or asleep during the shoot. There is also no need to those blinding studio lights as natural light can very well do the trick.

And in this time of the pandemic, the photographer has to follow hygiene protocols, wearing of masks included!

The photoshooting in itself is free and you get some freebies from the hospital composing of a bib cloth, a welcome video, a digital print of one of the photos from the shoot, and a photo of the baby published on the hospital's website. Parents have the option to buy prints among others. Depending on which package you choose, I would say the photoshooting service is worth it. You would want to capture these moments of your tiny little baby and distribute prints to family and friends. As for me, I just ordered the CD and digital copy of all the photos. And with the pandemic, you would like to restrict and limit visitors so sending them the first photos of your child is one of the best and safe options.

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