Sunday, October 11, 2020

Time to Heat Up But...

I have always been advocating for a greener earth, for environmentally friendly options and renewable energy. Please do not judge me when I say that our heating system at our current house (we just moved in!) is still using fossil fuel, i.e. heating oil, to heat up our house and our water. You see, the heating system is already there when we bought the house. The heater in itself is well maintained and still has a good efficiency to it so it would be a shame to replace it immediately.  Plus we don't have a budget just yet to change into a more environmentally friendly heating system (although replacing it is very tempting and attractive at the moment because of the partial subsidies by the government). Then you also have the oil tank, which needs to be properly disposed of at a special treatment facility. And the cost of such service? We didn't ask yet but as with other waste treatment costs, we can expect it to be expensive. 

So today we got our oil tank partially filled since it is almost empty and we require more fuel now that it is getting colder since we also need to heat up not just the water, but the entire house as well. Fuel cost us €55/100 liters, which is relatively cheap. Oil prices have really gone down these past few months, which is savings on our part.

We know that we will eventually be replacing our oil-fired heating system and that it is the right thing to do to reduce our carbon footprint among others. Here in Germany, we are given until 2026 to replace oil-fired boilers with the greener and more efficient options like heat pumps, pellets or natural gas. The initial investment would be expensive but hopefully by then, we would have saved enough and subsidies and fundings from the government is still available. 

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