Thursday, October 29, 2020

Secure Yourself and Your Family with Insurances

Insurance - this is important to secure your and your family's future. There are a number of insurances out there that I find important, especially for those who have little children and those who own property. We never know what will happen in the future so securing the family financially with insurances is one of the smatest things one can do. Of course there are lots of insurances out there so informing yourself about them is key so that you don't give away your hard earned money for nothing.

Health insurance: this is also mandatory in most countries. And it is usually deducted already from your monthly salary so you need not worry about paying separately. This is important even if you are not sick because a visit to the doctor without a health insurance is very expensive. There are also supplementary health insurances that will cover for conditions not covered by the standard insurance like supplementary dental insurance but you can decide whether to get one or not.

Pension insurance: Like the health insurance, this one is also mandatory and automatically deducted from your salary. This is important so that you will get your pension payment when you retire. Those who are not working may also pay for a voluntary pension insurance so that they too will have a secure future when they get older.

Life insurance: I find this important because you never know when and how you will die. Getting this will ensure that your beneficiaries will be left with monetary support, and they can use the money to pay off, for example, bank loans or mortgage, if there are any.

Third party liability insurance: let's face it, accidents can happen and if you have little children, they might ruin the sofa or break an expensive item while playing at the neighbor's or friend's house. This is where third party liability insurance comes in. Instead of you shouldering the entire amount to replace these items, the insurance will pay it for you.

Fire / Building insurance: this is to protect your home should fire, natural disasters, water leaks, accidents happen. Your home is your safe haven so you might as well insure that which keeps your family warm and dry and comfortable.

Car insurance: while you do not want accidents to happen, getting a car insurance is mandatory these days. There are options for a partial or full coverage of auto parts so depending on your driving behavior, it would also be wise to get one so that you have coverage for automobile parts should there be a need replace them.

These are just some of the insurances that I find important and one should consider getting. Which insurance is important for you?

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