Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Why You Should Dine Al Fresco All Summer Long

When is the last time you took the opportunity to eat outside on a balmy summer evening? Dining in the great outdoors, or al fresco, is one of the greatest pleasures of this short-lived season. If you're still eating dinner in front of the TV every night, you're truly missing out. Here are four fun reasons that take-out food should mean from your kitchen to the backyard.

It Makes You Feel Amazing
Nothing feels quite as relaxing as kicking back and eating outside on a beautiful night. When the sun starts to set and you feel that warm, soft breeze, it's the perfect setting for a light meal and cool beverages, especially after a long day. Adding a few candles and some good friends makes it the perfect opportunity to catch up over a leisurely meal. When the crisp temperatures return in the fall, these are the evenings you'll remember.

You Can Use Cool Utensils
Dining outdoors gives you a great excuse to use all those fun and colorful utensils you never get to use inside. Setting your tables with sparking pitchers, drinks in nostalgic canning jars and summer salads served with Custom Tongs By LoTech makes every night seem like a party. Using these attention-grabbing pieces are just right for an evening of entertaining.

Smells Stay Outside
Dining outside usually means grilling, so it's the perfect time to cook all those smelly foods you'd rather avoid in your kitchen. Think grilled salmon, blackened catfish and smoked meats. Even grilling hamburgers outside can save you a ton of greasy clean-up inside your house. When you're whipping up meals outdoors, no food is off limits so cook to your heart's content!

More Space to Entertain
In this time of social distancing, eating outside is the perfect solution to hold a small, safe get-together. There's so much more room outside and lots of fresh air to boot. Dining al fresco on your patio gives you ample space to maneuver around without feeling crammed into a small space. It also provides plenty of room to set up tables of food and beverage without having to rearrange your house.

It Feels Like Vacation
Summer goes by way too fast. The wonderful thing about the season is that you don't have to go any further than your own backyard to feel like you're on vacation. Dining outside this summer will give you a chance to cook up a storm, entertain guests and use your favorite cooking gadgets, so plan on it tonight!

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