Wednesday, July 8, 2020

New Attractions in Tripsdrill

Amusement or theme parks have started reopening their doors to the public with the relaxation of restrictions because of the Corona virus pandemic. Hygiene regulations, social distancing rules, and sneezing and cough etiquette are of course in place and must be observed to protect both visitors and staff of these amusement parks. With the number of guests allowed to enter the amusement parks limited to a certain figure, the traffic inside the parks, especially the lines to main attractions, is also lessened.

Tripsdrill in Cleebronn reopened this season last 29th May until the 1st of November and is open from 9.00 am until 6.00 pm. But what's new with Tripsdrill amusement park when it opened its doors again to the public?

There are actually 3 Attractions which opened this season: 2 roller coaster rides, the "Hals-über-Kopf" & "Volldampf" opened in June 2020, and the relatviely new adventure playground Spielewelt "Sägewerk" opened in June 2019.

The "Hals-über-Kopf" roller coaster ride will get you screaming your heart out as it takes you to 4 rollovers!
"Hals-über-Kopf": The Head Over Heels Roller Coaster Ride
This is a newly developed type of hanging roller coaster with four rollovers. Its course crosses several times with the course of the new family roller coaster "Volldampf". Both rides deliver a breathtaking competition.

The theme of this ride goes back to the "Seven Swabians" - a story that has been rooted in Swabia for centuries. The Seven Swabians once set the goal of tracking down a terrifying monster on Lake Constance. Armed with a huge lance, they embarked on a daring adventure. The monster turned out to be a hare, however, who jumped away in alarm when the Seven Swabians rushed toward him. The new roller coaster therefore bears the name "Hals-über-Kopf", refering not only to the rash heroic stories of the Seven Swabians, but also to the four so-called rollovers, which are the unique selling point of this new ride.

To ride, you need to be at least 6 years old (accompanied by an adult) and at least 120 cm. From 8 years old and above, are allowed to ride alone. 

The "Volldampf" family roller coaster ride with its steam locomotive design.

"Volldampf": The Full Steam Family Roller Coaster Ride
This new family roller coaster ride not only goes forward, but also downhill in a backwards shot.

The design of this family roller coaster was inspired by one of the best-known Swabian folk songs: the Swabian Railway. Created at the end of the 19th century, the song is about a turbulent journey on the Swabian Railway from Stuttgart via Ulm and Biberach to Durlesbach. The railway line is now fictitiously continued in Tripsdrill, with a steam locomotive design from the 19th century and several compartments. Full steam ahead!

To ride, you need to be at least 4 years old (accompanied by an adult) and at least 95 cm. Children from 8 years old and above are allowed to ride alone.

The play world "Sägewerk" with over 250 game elements on 1400 square-meter area.

Spielewelt "Sägewerk": "Sawmill" Play World
This huge adventure playground on 1400 square meter area has around 250 game elements and is considered as one of the largest adventure playgrounds in Southern Germany. It is strategically situated right next to the wooden roller coaster "Mammut", inviting both children and adults alike to climb, slide, sand and splash around with water. It has nine partially covered play areas, a climbing tower that reaches up to a height of almost 15 meters, an over ten meter long network bridge and an almost eight meter high spiral slide - everything just spectacular! The little ones in particular will never be bored as there are numerous possibilities to play with sand and water. Even the young at heart will also be refreshed here.

So the next time you visit Tripsdrill, be sure to try these new attractions. I wish you an enjoyable visit!

Photos taken from the Tripsdrill official website.

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