Sunday, November 3, 2013

Time For Some Holiday Spirit

Well now that Halloween has come to an end, it is time to put away the scary and the terrifying and glam up the house with some holiday cheer. My favorite home decor shop is more than ready to spread on the Christmas holiday cheer and it has taken me a lot of effort to just be content with looking at the window display. But I must tell you, my feet have been itching to go inside so my hands can get a hold of those glittery, sparkly, bright and merry decors of the season. My head is flooding with ideas and I am afraid I wouldn't last a month without taking action.

So here are some of the decors that I fancy which I think will cheer up our home this Christmas season:

1. Hand-made Advent or Christmas Calendar: I didn't have an idea about the Advent calendar but this has been practiced by the Germans since the beginning of the 19th century. It usually comprises of 24 windows, representing the 24 days before Christmas day and in it, one can place chocolates or small toys (if you have little children) as a small gift them. This is to celebrate the days in anticipation of Christmas and I think makes Christmas more exciting. There are many ready made calendars available in stores but I think I want to make this year a little different by making my own. There are some pretty and interesting ideas I found on Living At Home like the used coffee-cups covered with different gift wrappers, the colorful small pouches hanged on a curtain rod, and the small gifts on a shelf. So I guess I will have to make first a list of 24 small things that I think will be appreciated as small gifts. Ah, my little girl will be so delighted.

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2. Christmas Balls in Clear Cylinders: If you want to have a color theme for Christmas, this would be a good idea. Get a tall, clear cylindrical vase and fill it up with colored glass balls. It can come in different shades of the color you want: gold, green, purple, red, silver, blue. This is a good way to also recycle the old Christmas balls that you have. These are good as center pieces for your tables. You can also throw in pine cones and hand painted chestnut shells.

3. Candles. No matter what the season, candles always give warmth to any room and is considered a no-fail home accessoires. Just make sure you don't burn the house down.  You can choose the scented variety that smells of the season: roasted almonds, chocolate, vanilla, orange. Choose the colors that fit with your theme. If not, red and white are always the safe ones to go with. Candles, once lit, instantly add to the holiday ambience that you want to create, be it on the dining table or in the living room.

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4. Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree. I have always wanted to get a real tree for Christmas but failed to get one every single year. This year I might really go for it. It need not be as tall as the ceiling though cause that would mean more ornaments to fill it and more space needed. As long as it's a real tree, it's fine with me. I would love to adorn it in red and gold... Or maybe not. Whatever.

5. Advent Wreath. Christmas is a time to prepare. It is an anticipation for the birth of Jesus. And what better way to celebrate this waiting than lighting a candle each Advent Sunday. This is always an important part of my Christmas deco... And I love these ideas from my favorite store's brochure. More home decorating ideas you can find in their brochure HERE.

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So there... Here's looking forward to a wonderful Christmas for everyone!

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