Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Hafelekar in Innsbruck

I wasn't really prepared (at least physically) to go up the Hafelekar when we went to visit Innsbruck, Austria last Saturday. I had no idea that it was called Hafelekar then. All I know is that my husband said it would be a very find place to visit especially that we have visiting friends from tropical Philippines. He mentioned about riding a cable car to get to there but I hadn't the slightest idea how high up it would be. I had been to the mountains in Montserrat near Barcelona in Spain (which reminds me that I need to blog about it!) and the Nebelhorn in Oberstdorf, but it was in the summer. Going up the mountains during winter is an entirely different story. 

It was cold when we arrived Innsbruck and higher up the mountains, it was colder.... and there are only stones and snow and more snow! But it was worth all the "tagos hanggang buto" cold feeling. The mountains looked majestic in its white glory. It is a definite high, with just you, the clouds and the mountains. And there was the hot and spiced gl├╝hwein at the Christkindlmarkt (Christmas Market) at Innsbruck's city center later.

The ascent at the Hafelekar station.
Excited feet stepping on the powdery white snow
The cross at the peak. The view is just breathtaking!
Just my husband's booted foot... My other booted foot never got the courage to go up to the peak. 
This blogger is just so happy to be here!
The child in me was screaming: "Let's go make a snowman!"
Maybe next time... when I am more dressed up for it! :D
Then it's time to leave and say goodbye, arrivederci, au revoir, auf wiedersehen.
The photos were taken by my husband, whose adventurous spirit took him to the peak of the Hafelekar or the Hafelekarspitze when we (me, our little girl and our two guests) retreated into the warmth of the cable car station because our hands and feet could no longer bear the cold. :)

To get to the Hafelekar, take the funicular from Innsbruck to Hungerburg. From there take the cable car going to Seegrube and then change to another cable car that climbs up Hafelekar. There are combi tickets available, if you also want to visit the Alpenzoo. For more information on the rates and the schedules, just visit the official website of the Innsbrucker Nordketten Bahnen at

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