Friday, November 29, 2013

Eating Healthy

I attribute the success of my weight loss program mainly to a healthier lifestyle: exercise, a balanced healthy diet, and a good and positive outlook. Currently, I am just maintaining my weight (I have lost about 19 kilos in total since I decided to have a healthier lifestyle in April of this year). I still go to the fitness studio whenever I can and try to eat more vegetables and fruits and protein-rich foods. I try to stay away from sweets and salty snacks. Instead of snacking on chips and fries and chocolates, I opt for sliced fresh fruits or the dried ones. I also see to it that my main dish has lots of vegetables in it, especially during dinner time as I don't include rice during supper time. I try to inform myself about the health benefits of various fruit and vegetable varieties, nuts and seeds. Which ones have high antioxidants (like kiwi), high vitamin C content (like apricots and oranges), high protein content (like almonds and cashew), high fiber (like kale, brocolli and spinach), etc. I also try to look for the best bitter raw apricot and other healthy products, opting for organic products because they are more stringently controlled albeit they are more costly.

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