Friday, November 8, 2013

Does Your Business Have An Online Presence?

We all have heard of small businesses closing down because of its dwindling clientele. Fact is, more and more people shop online these days. If we look at the numbers, there is no denying the fact that more and more people, in fact 42% of consumers, find a better price online for a similar product that one finds in retail shops. Indeed small business marketing through social media and the Internet has become a "must" for small businesses to survive in the very competitive world of internet marketing.

If you are an online entrepreneur or just a simple business person, you probably have heard of local search engine optimization.  This is one of the vital things that you need to have to make your online presence known. If you want to be on top of the search engine lists, you need to have a strategic SEO that will help you land just there. If you are not so familiar with this, it is best to consult the experts like RevLocal that will act as your company's Internet Marketing Department so you can focus on your business.

It would also be great if your website also has a mobile version since more and more people opt to use their smartphones to search for many different products. A mobile version of your online shop for example makes it easier to browse through your products since they load faster than the online version. A neat website that is very user friendly and has effective graphics is something that online shoppers like me really love. Another thing that will help boost your online presence? Coupons and deals every now and then. Who doesn't want to buy a good bargain nowadays? A good SEO company will advice you on just that.

So, does your business have an online presence?

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Shu Arvilla said...

I have a small business in retail sales called Superior Magnetics for Pain Free Living. I sell pain relief products at fairs and festivals.

Last year I decided to tackle SEO and get found on the web. After lots of work creating I have a web presence and the income takes a lot of stress off the one on one sales.

I appreciate your input on local search optimization and will check out Revlocal.

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