Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Of Pedals and Stompboxes

I do not come from a musical family but I do love music. Although I love music, I do not know how to play a single musical instrument. Thankfully, my husband is into classical guitar playing. For three years now, he has been self-practicing and then found this online forum where he gets to have free lessons. He has made a lot of progress and is almost at the end of the "first year". I know he wants to enroll himself at a local guitar school but just doesn't have the time yet to get himself into one because of a hectic work schedule.

Anyway, he has equipped himself with some useful tools for his classical guitar lessons. He recently got himself a digital recorder that will record his music. Since he has some difficulties especially with rhythm, I think Zvex Effects stompboxes will help him to get into rhythm, or perhaps not. I am not so familiar with such tools or if effects pedals are applicable to classical guitars. I am certain though that most guitarists use this gear to help give their music that characteristic tone and unique sound.

STOMPBOXES. EFFECTS PEDALS. Two very foreign words that I thought I never would encounter in my life but just did. Hmmm... I wonder if the husband also knows... :-) Can someone tell me how they work?

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