Saturday, April 21, 2012

Longer Days Are Here Again

Yes, longer days are here again. For a few weeks now, one can observe that the sun now sets at half past eight in the evenings. Kind of difficult to send your little ones to sleep when they can see that the sun is still up, right? They would always reason out: "But the sun is still up, it is not yet dark... Please Mommy, one more game!" And they look at you with their pleading eyes that could easily melt your heart. What's a mother to do?

I have a trick for keeping the sunlight out though. I roll down the shutters when me and my daughter get home from the Kindergarten. I make sure that the little princess is preoccupied with something before I do so so that she will not notice that it suddenly became dark inside the house. If you don't have shutters and have a penchant for natural home decors too, bamboo blinds would be a good option. Or you can also opt for thick curtains in the bedroom to block the light. Just make sure to allow light to stream in during the day though so your room doesn't get stuffy.

With longer days here to stay in the next few months, one can do so much... But one has to keep his or her sleeping time or else you lose hours of valuable sleep. And that is one thing a child shouldn't be deprived of: a good ten hours of sleep.

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