Saturday, April 14, 2012

Insel Mainau The Second Time Around

Looking for a place to go to this Spring? It is always a good idea to visit parks and gardens at this time of the year because it is the time when tulips are abundant. Growing up in a country where hibiscus and orchids abound, I have always wanted to see tulips and be able to enjoy its beauty even at my own home. Since Keukenhof Garden is a considerable six hours from Stuttgart, we opted to visit the flower island of Mainau, which is located in Lake Constance (Bodensee), which is only a two-hour drive from here.

This Sakura or cherry blossom tree is very famous among the park's visitors.
A souvenir photo is a must!
It was already half past twelve when we left and when we arrived there, we were still able to enjoy the walks, the flowers, the view and the playgrounds, thanks to long days. What is nice about Insel Mainau is that it closes when the sun sets so if the sun will set at 20:15, that is the time when it will close its doors to the public.
Best discovery of the day: a sea of tulips!
It is a good idea to have a park map on hand so that you can tour the place efficiently. But since we were not that in a hurry, we took our time, walking around and took a different route. And we found a very pleasant and beautiful view: a sea of tulips growing on one side of the soft slopes of the island. I never imagined it to be that beautiful... I know my photography skills are second to none and it cannot do justice to the beauty in front of me so all I can do was take in the moment and savor its beauty while I am there.

My not-so-little girl  happily  feeding the goats.
My not-so-little girl was also able to enjoy the children's playground and the Streichelzoo. The weather was fine and she was able to play around, crossing different rope bridges, climbing wooden structures and pulling the raft. She was so happy to see some farm animals like donkeys and ponies, llamas and goats, chicken and rabbits, and also be able to pet the goats and feed them. I even learned a new word from her: Ziege, the German word for goat.

It was a relaxing afternoon. Although it was just a short trip, it was enough to recharge us - renewing our batteries and taking away the stress - enough indeed to last for the next few months. Until the next trip!

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