Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Summer Shopping

Summer is fast approaching and it would be great to add some new collection to your summer wardrobe, right? But sometimes, shopping can be such a task especially if you are looking for clothes that are in special sizes for women. I am not sure if I am already a plus size, perhaps not yet but I am bordering on it. I have looked into some shops here that carry special sizes, particularly plus sizes for women and it looks like they are still too big for me. I would smile and rejoice, saying "Hurrah!" to myself. It is such a relief that I am still on the safe size. Lol!

But if you are big on some parts of your body, here are some safe tips that you could use:

1. If you love stripes, wear the vertical ones to give the illusion of a slim figure.
2. It would be a good idea to skip the low-rise jeans and opt for jeans that fits you well instead.
3. Always match light tops with dark pants. Instead of going for blacks, which does not always slimming give that slimming effect that you need, go monochromatic instead. 
4. Add high heels to your wardrobe. It will make you look more confident.
5. Do not be afraid to wear printed tops. Make sure though that the prints are not large.

I know I can still do something about my big tummy aside from buying an entirely new set of wardrobe. I could either work my butt off and sweat it out in the fitness studio or I could just insist to hubby that he get me pregnant, pronto. But then again, getting pregnant would mean I would need to get new maternity clothing because my old ones were for the winter season. Oh well, might as well do some exercise. It is good for the body and helps relax tense muscles.

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Mel_Cole said...

Me I'm worried coz my Large size dresses does not fit me anymore. huhu, need to shop more XL clothing these days.

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