Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mommy Moments: Birthday

This year marks another milestone for my little girl. She turned three years old last February and her birthday allowed me to experience other firsts, like celebrating her birthday at the Kindergarten for the first time and baking her birthday cake. My and hubby's birthdays are also coming up, mine will be at the end of the month and my husband's will be next month. We haven't planned anything grand, just a quiet dinner with the family as we always do.

Because it was Samantha's Birthday at the kindergarten, I asked her teacher if I can stay for a while to take some photos and she of course, agreed. It was just a simple celebration actually. I just brought a cake and after each child wished her a happy birthday and sang her a birthday song, they ate the cake. After that, Samantha was allowed to choose one treat from the "treat book" and chose face painting for everybody. The children stood in line waiting for their turn to be face painted and I guess it is something that they really loved. Then, it was time for me to leave to prepare also our little celebration at home.

I just made spaghetti and baked a cake for my little girl on her birthday. We spent a quiet dinner at home and then took some photos together. I just can't forget the look on my little girl's face when she saw the cake with it's lit candles. Her eyes just lit up and her expression was that of someone who experienced a beautiful miracle. The joy and wonder in her face are more than enough to make me realize that birthdays are something that children will always look forward to. And I guess it was really a Happy Birthday for her because we are complete.

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Cheerful said...

lovely! well, i agree with her last picture...i can feel her happiness and excitement! mommy did a great job! btw, followed you, hope you can follow me back...thank you! have a great weekend! -PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...

kimmy said...

what a happy birthday! love the big cake, lol!

The Pepperrific Life said...

wow, you baked her a cake? Nice! I wish I could do the same for my daughter :) Nice costume, by the way.

here's my late MM entry:

Chris said...

beautiful pictures marce! :D you captured the moment! :D

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