Friday, August 27, 2010

Watching With The Enemy

Toinks! I know I am late again for GT this week. Duh! Why can't I ever manage to make my blog entries on time? Apologies Marce Kaye!

So this week's theme is about the movie that I would recommend watching with an enemy. I am never really good at holding grudges for long because knowing that someone is not happy with me just makes me uneasy. So I always tend to apologize and make amends, whether I am in the wrong or not. I always want to have peace of mind so that I don't really make a good enemy. Lol! I believe that there are lots of things worth doing in this world than just hating and being spiteful. Having enemies is not a great way to live, right?

I think I am straying farther away from the topic at hand. Lol! So which movie would I recommend again? I always have the movie Bucket List in mind. Incidentally, it's the same movie as the host's pick so I won't dwell so much on the plot of the movie. Why the movie? As I have written in my comment to Kaye's GT post for this week, I love the movie for all the right reasons: " great actors, beautiful storyline and a superb OST from my man, John Meyers." With the theme of friendship and forgiveness and death, this movie will just somehow melt the coldest heart. It taught me that life can be very short so that one must live it to the fullest. That as human beings, we can set aside our differences in order to be free. That in order to be free, one must learn to forgive and let go of the hurts.

And as the song goes: Say what you need to say...

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