Thursday, August 12, 2010

Label Maker Software Anyone?

I have thousands of photos and downloaded movies waiting to be burned. I have already prepared a boxful of DVD-Rs for this project of mine but I still need a label maker software to organize the CDs into various categories. I find cd labelling very important so that it won't be hard to search through and will also make the CDs look cleaner instead of just writing the CDs contents with a pen. Just imagine having to insert every single CD into your CD ROM just to get hold of the right CD! That would indeed be very time consuming!

There's a software that I find very easy to use. See the screenshot above? With this software, it is very easy indeed to customize and create cd covers. You can choose any image that you want for the cd cover with the image option. You can add titles and even select the font type to suit to the theme of the cd. This feature is just perfect for archiving our collection of family photos and downloaded movies and even data backups. Every now and then, a computer problem comes up and sometimes, reinstalling the OS is necessary. I find it difficult to find the CD for this installer and that and a nicely labelled CD will simply do the trick. There are also various dvd case template that you can work on to further customize your CD case. 

With a software as simple and user-friendly such as this, I will no longer have a hard time figuring out what to do with my cds. I won't even feel hesitant to send out CD copies of photos to friends and relatives because I will be giving them out in a presentable manner. With a software like this, I can also label the rest of my CD collection.

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Mommy Kharen said...

I find this same software very awesome. this cd labeling is currently the attraction to our mini computer shop business. Yes indeed it was so nice to see that compilation of your collection will look more neat and personalized if you want to..

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