Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Southern French Countryside

Traveling by car has its benefits. It allows the traveler to see the beauty of the countryside, stop where he or she fancies stopping and stretch a little, and enjoy the ride. Although getting to the destination takes longer, the beauty that your eyes can feast on is worth it!

I find the countryside of the South of France very beautiful. With endless fields of wheat, sunflowers and of course vineyards and old towns and French country houses, everything is just beautiful. 

And because it is the summer season, you can still enjoy the beautiful scenery even later in the day. I may never know the names of the places where I took these photographs as we were passing through because I lost track. One thing is for sure though. These travel mementos are worth keeping. Which reminds me... I have to begin with our yearbooks lest I completely get busy when school starts.

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