Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Love Affair with the Coffee Prince

I am so hooked with Coffee Prince lately. That explains why I have been late in posting my memes. I am watching it on TV, thru our network enabled BD Player. I came to know about this series through my older sister when she visited us in Japan in 2008. I didn't get much time watching along with her though because I was on the night shift taking care of my little one and I would catch up on sleep during the day. Although this Korean series came out in 2007, it was only of late that I went gaga over it. Each time Samantha wouldn't mind me switching players, I would watch the series. Even my Hubby got intrigued and watched along too. But bitin kami. Why? Because we could not find some parts of the last episode on YouTube! Whaaa!!!

Are you familiar with this Korean Drama Series? Well it's about Go Eun-chan who is the breadwinner of her family and was mistaken by Han-Keol to be a boy. Along the way, Eun-chan developed feelings for Han-Keol although he thinks that she is a boy. She had no choice but to play along because she was afraid that Han-Keol would stop seeing her if he found out the truth. Theirs was an unusual friendship but they eventually fall in love. Kind of creepy huh? But it is a fun series to watch. And it has got a kilig ending... Well, that's what I am expecting because I haven't seen the end of it yet.


Sherry said...

oh k drama I seldom watch

Chris said...

i dont know if my comment went through but i want you to know that I loved Coffee Prince too! I think I watched the Korean Version through DVD and I absolutely loved it to bits! I liked Goong Yoo's portrayal and thought that they were a perfect match..

i also liked the soundtrack..

Marice said...

awww love that too sissy.. kaso its bitin eh.. i think it should have a part 2.. kaso Han-Keol i think was into a community service :) kaya hindi natuloy.. and one of the casts passed away na.. walang news of the sequel pa e.. sayang nga e..

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zek said...

hello po! pamangkin po ako ni tita kaye. hindi ko po alam pano ko kayo i-follow. hihi! ;p

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