Thursday, May 6, 2010

Finally, Some Tulips!

Remember my dismay and frustration when I lost my SD card? That's because it contained hundreds of my tulip photos from the spring garden. All my almost three hours of hard work trying to capture these beautiful flowers at their best vanished into thin air. It was a bitter joke actually...

A visit to Insel Mainau, another flower garden did not really make up for the lost photos in Keukenhof but the tulips were beautiful nonetheless. In the spring time, it come

Here's a few of my favorite shots:

This is a very HUGE and very OLD pine tree. I love how the branches seem
to spiral around it. Reminds of The HomeTree in the movie Avatar. :D

Let this hot-colored tulips brighten up your day!

Me and some more tulips!

This is my favorite photo. Tulips never cease to awe and inspire me.
Their beauty is just so graceful and they seem to reach up the sky.

The Italian Steps is a stair of flowers with spring water flowing from the top of the steps.
It was beautiful and cheerful with all the colorful mix of yelllows, oranges, and reds.

A view of the Italian Steps from below.


Anonymous said...


wow! is it just the camera? of course not! mura na ka professional photographer k ai..i think u should consider a career move...heheheh..


Unknown said...

I went to Insel Mainau years ago. You have reminded me of how beautiful it was. And you have captured those aspects of it beautifully.

kimmy said...

simply AWESOME!

fedhz said...

wow, marce! ka ganda naman nyan. i love tulips too. hay. sarap naman jan.

toinks. bat mo niwala SD mo. waaaaah! ako din iiyak pag ganun. shet. kaya lagi dapat may backup hihi.

riablahgs said...

I just love tulips! They are the prettiest flowers I have ever had in my life. Just love, love, love them...

Belated Happy Mom's Day sis!

Ria C
It's My Party
Handmade with Love

Clarissa said...

Oh my!!What a lovely tulips!!They're my favorite flowers,Mommy Kikamz!Happy to see them here^_^

Enchie said...

It's everywhere! nice shots Kamz! Im so in love with the colors :D

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