Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Marce Seiko!

Lots of important things are happening today in history. First of, today is the Presidential Elections in the Philippines. Here is hoping that whoever wins may be able to usher the Philippines out of poverty and will bring prosperity and beautiful changes.

Secondly, it is Marce Seiko's Birthday. I can still remember how I met her. She was just starting out as a new blogger and I was intrigued by her blog title, Seiko's Diary. I learned that she is a blogger from Japan and because I was once a blogger from Japan too, I was immediately drawn to her blog.

I count myself lucky to have known her then. And I count myself lucky to still be in touch with her. I am lucky because I am able to read her story and find inspiration and courage in them. I am lucky that although we haven't met in person yet, I feel accepted by her... not only because we are Marces but because she appreciates me. I am lucky to have known her because she remained humble despite the prosperity that she is experiencing.

She also taught me this very simple lesson:

That you don't have to work hard in order to be HAPPY.
That being with your FAMILY is ALL that MATTERS.

Happy Birthday Marce Seiko! I wish that God will grant your heart's desires and may you continue to inspire others the way you have inspired me.


Leather Case said...

Hello! I'd like to let you know I really love reading your post...:)

Seiko said...

I do believe that God has already granted my hearts desires not because of the material tings that wont be lasts forever but by giving me a chance of knowing you & became my friend & not just a friend but also my kumare because of Sati.
I can't thank you enough Marce Kikamz for this wonderful thoughts & prayers.God bless Mare ko.Really thank you so so much.

Clarissa said...

Yap,a 100 percent agree with her,too!
Again,Happy Bithday to you,Mommy Seiko and may God bless you more!!

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