Sunday, July 8, 2018

Light Up Your World

Whether it's simple candles or hanging lights, there are numerous ideas to consider for illuminating your yard on a budget. Contact an outdoor lighting Kansas City company to find out what you can or should use when installing the lights so that they aren't damaged and so that the cords and accessories are hidden from view. If you have a birdbath or another type of water source in your yard, then use floating candles to illuminate the water with a gentle glow. You can also put votives in glass holders so that they don't tip over or get wet if you want more of a permanent solution. 

Another idea for outdoor lighting is to create a wreath of lights in different colors or in various shades of white. You can use a frosted spray to cover some of the bulbs that you use as well as spray paint if you can't find colored bulbs. This lighting design is one that you can use throughout the year. Use colors associated with holidays and seasons to deliver a bit of charm to the front door of your home or one of your windows. If you have an outdoor area for entertaining with a table and chairs, then make a chandelier with branches and a few bulbs. Another option is to string lights along the edges of a patio room for a delicate appearance while you're eating outside or while you're spending time enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. 

Display a word made of lights that reveals a hobby you like, the family name, or another word that describes your family. An idea to consider would be positioning the lights near a pool so that the word reflects in the water. You can also take this design and create images on an exterior wall of your home or on your front porch. 

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