Sunday, July 8, 2018

Graduation Party for my Daughter's Class

Summer break is fast approaching here in Germany. My daughter is also about to end her grade school days and will move on to another school where she will start a new and more challenging journey. As a fourth grade parent, it means that it is time to prepare for the graduation party. From where I came from, there's always the conventional recognition and graduation ceremonies at school where the children go on stage and are presented with medals and ribbons as recognition for all their efforts. Here, it is quite different. There are no ceremonies in school, only graduation parties with the class and the teachers.

As planned with the other parents, we will be celebrating it at a sports grounds near the school and will organize a small tournament for the kids. Because it will be beautiful outside, it will be grill party. Everyone will bring something to grill and drink. We will also prepare something for their homeroom teacher and assistant teacher, which the class speaker will present. A photobooth will also be made available so that everyone can have their photos taken, whether solo or with their group of friends. Instead of printing it on site, we will be sharing the digital files to all class members so they have the option to choose and print the ones they like.

There will also be a blank framed canvas with a tree trunk where each class member will print his / her thumbmark on the branches as leaves. After everyone has printed their thumbmarks, this will be given to the homeroom teacher too as a gift.

I am excited for Friday. We hope that the teachers will feel how thankful we are for their patience in teaching our children. Will post how it went in my upcoming posts. 

What are some other good graduation party ideas for grade school children do you have? Be sure to share them in the comments! Thanks!

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