Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Finally A Kitchen!

I have always wanted to live in a house with a kitchen that I personally "designed" and decided on. By design, I mean the possibility to choose the design, color, layout, something that I can call a kitchen of my own. There is a sense of ownership when you are involved in planning the kitchen, from the measurements, to the layout, and the choosing the color and built-appliances.

The size of our present kitchen is fixed so I can't have a large kitchen or an island kitchen, but hey, who says everything should be perfect? What's important is that one is able to maximize and optimize what one presently has. :)

I wanted a kitchen that has lots of storage space and easy to clean. The one we got has lots of drawers and shelves a glossy finish so it is easier to wipe off dirt and grime. The cooking hob is also just big enough to cook 4 different pots or pans at a time. There's also a built-in oven for baking and / or roasting and microwave to heat up food pronto! There is also a dishwasher - helps me save a lot on water consumption and time! The built-in fridge unfortunately doesn't have a freezer so I can't stock on frozen goods [no ice cream! :(] and the one I have in our basement is not functioning. But anyway, as I said, one cannot have anything.

We got the kitchen at a very low price, so there's no complaining about the price since it came from Nolte K├╝chen, a very reputable kitchen company based here in Germany. But anyway, I am happy with the way it looks, with the functionality and how I am able to cook faster and more efficiently. That's what counts the most.

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