Thursday, January 31, 2013

Learning While Vacationing

Vacationing here in my home country has proven to be full of challenges since we had to be separated as a family. We have been so used to always doing things as a family that I feel it weird to find myself in a situation where I had to do errands alone and decide some things myself. Hubby has to go back for work while the little girl and I are left behind to accomplish some things: learn to drive (for me) and learn the language and attend school (for Samantha).

Looking for a driving school was easy peasy for me but looking for a school for Samantha proved to be difficult. First, because it is already almost the end of the school year. Second, with her turning 5 next month, it is more difficult since only a number of Preschools have playschool programs and only for children aged 3 and below. Good thing I was able to find a school that accepted her: the Angels at Work Montessori and Daycare Center. There she is able to interact with kids her age during playtime and also slowly learn how to write correctly and learn some more numbers. I know it is quite difficult for her especially that there is a language barrier but I guess she is learning bit by bit. And her Cebuano is already improving. She can already speak in short sentences and can even make comments about something she heard or saw on television.   


kiamy said...

yay!!! good to know Sam's doing really GREAT!! how's driving btw?

kamz said...

Hi Kiamy! Driving? Doing ok, I guess! But I still have some "dead engine" moments since I sometimes forget to step hard on the clutch. Hehehe!

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