Friday, January 18, 2013

Going Places

It's good to be home once again... even if it is just for a short while. I may have gone places but there is still no place like home. I am very fortunate and blessed to have experienced different cultures and peoples but home always beckons... calling me and whispering that there is more than meets the eye. That is why although we are home, we still made it a point that we are able to visit a place we have never been to yet. 

One of the highlights of our homecoming is our little getaway to Boracay (separate post coming soon!), our choice of the never-been-to-yet place. It was just paradise and we fell in love with the place! Would love to come back again one of these days and stay longer... Hopefully, next time it will be a real honeymoon. ;-)

Why Boracay? It was actually just pure chance. I was checking online for cheap airfares on our preferred dates and the Kalibo flights proved to be the cheapest. We were even hesitant since the weather forecast told of strong winds, rains, and threats of typhoon. Thankfully, the weather cooperated when we were there. Thanks also to the Internet, it was possible to find great accommodations at cheaper rates - may it be a hotel, a vacation home, a youth hostel, etc.  I know that should the chance come to visit other parts of the globe, I can rely on the internet to help me find, for example rental homes in fayetteville nc and get the chance to live in the US. Or I could just plan another getaway to another destination on my "places to visit" bucket list. I guess this year, I will be going places... with the family of course! And my happy feet are as happy as can be! :-)

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