Friday, June 8, 2012

The UEFA Euro 2012: It's The Football Season!

The UEFA Euro 2012 Opening Ceremony.
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Today is the first day of the Euro UEFA Cup 2012, setting off with a match between Group A countries: Poland vs. Greece (1-1) in the first game and Russia vs. the Czech Republic (2-1 as of this writing) in the second game. Tomorrow, Group B countries will compete, with Netherlands vs. Denmark and Germany vs. Portugal. I hope the German national team will win, so that everybody will be in a good mood. Hehe!

But anyway, because of the UEFA Cup, there are so many promotions going on, especially when it comes to television sets. For those of us who are not able to go to Poland and Ukraine to watch the games live, a wide screen HDTV is the next best thing! Imagine yourself watching the game in very sharp and high definition television set, it's just like being there. But of course, you would need to reinforce your TV with toggle bolts especially if you are planning to attach it on a hollow wall in your living room.

To have a better feel of the football games, one could also hang the national flags of their favorite teams outside their window, or wear shirts and hats bearing the national team's official colors and logos. There are even bakeries here that give away German hats for free if your purchase is at least €5.00. Or you can collect trading cards which are given away by a grocery chain store for every €5.00 purchase. Even my little girl is collecting the cards! :D

It really is  exhilarating to watch a football match with a group of people who have a passion for the sport. Last time I watched a football match on TV, I found myself cheering and screaming my heart out too because the excitement was just so contagious. So which European team is your favorite?

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