Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thank You Eltmann, Bamberg!

Just a quick word of THANKS to the Filipino community of Eltmann, Bamberg for inviting us to their 5th annual Santacruzan celebration today. We just got home safe and we are all happily exhausted. The husband and little girl have both long gone to la-la-land, I could hear their soft snoring.

Entrance of the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary during the eucharistic celebration.
And here I am, reminiscing the events of the day. I especially loved the most important part of that day's festivitites: the eucharistic celebration, which was celebrated with some Latin mixed in it, giving it a more solemn feel. The church was also almost full... with not only Filipinos but other nationalities participating in the eucharistic celebration as well.

After communion, I went to the other side of the pews and saw a baptismal room. I wondered if there was also a room especially meant for funeral ceremonies. I also wondered if it would be possible to hold both baptismal and funeral ceremonies in Latin as well. It would be a good idea when one is involved in funeral planning. I know in Vatican that they still say mass in Latin. Where else do they still say mass in Latin?

My little girl participating as one of the angels.
Auf die B├╝hne! All the participants were introduced on stage.
Anyway, the events that followed after the mass were successful. There may be some flaws in the program and difficulties were encountered along the way but overall, it was a job well done. We had fun with our friends and family, we encountered fellow Filipinos, and shared in the belief that fellowship in the name of the blessed Virgin Mary never ceases to put a smile on our faces.

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