Friday, March 23, 2012

Model For A Day

We bought a Groupon gift certificate last year for a kids photoshooting. I was able to have an appointment for my little princess yesterday and since it was her first time to be shot by a professional photographer, hubby and I took the time off and accompanied her. Since it will be her first time for a photoshooting with a professional photographer, we told her that if she did very well and listened to what the photographer says, we would treat her to an ice cream cafe afterwards. I brought two more dresses with me so she can have a change of clothes. We also brought with us her unicorn stuff toy so she has something familiar to play with.

The studio was located in Stuttgart-Weilimdorf and is on the second floor. The studio sets weren't finished yet but it was huge and has lots of room to move around. It is equipped with modern facilies: a small kitchen with coffee machine, an office corner with computer cabinet and computer tables, a photo printer, books about photography, and fine prints of different photos taken by Thilo. Thilo (the photographer's first name) told us that they are planning to make three sets so that in the future, they can do three photoshoots simultaneously. 

My little girl was photographed on the white set and I can say that Thilo took his time with Samantha. He first made her feel comfortable by allowing her to play around the studio with a bobby car. Then he also served us coffee so we can lounge while he was setting up. He explained to us what will happen and told us that we will all take our time. He doesn't like rushed photoshoots and believes that the client's satisfaction and a glowing smile after the shoots is more important.

They did four themes: on the bobby car; with Lucy, the unicorn; dance and lastly, on the trampoline.

I can say that Samantha was having fun and was paying attention to Thilo, listening to what he wants her to do and posing for the camera... It is not all of the time though, since she got carried away during the dancing part. I think there was a little communication barrier since Samantha cannot understand everything yet. Plus, we don't speak straight German. Hehe! But overall, it went well. While they were photoshooting, hubby and I were watching and were laughing and smiling. It was a really happy experience for us.

The photoshoot took about two hours, longer than what we expected but really worthwhile. I am personally impressed with the results and cannot wait for Samantha's next photoshoot next year. We certainly will go back to Thilo... perhapy a family photo this time? We'll see...

P.S. I haven't published photos yet since I forgot to ask Thilo if it is okay to put a few on my blog but will update this post when I get his go signal. Happy Friday everyone!

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