Monday, March 12, 2012

A Good Place To Stay on Getaways

Me and my family love to travel. We see to it that we get to travel somewhere at least once in three months. You might think it is an expensive way of life but it is not. Once you know where to stay, that is.

A very good idea when travelling with the family is staying in holiday homes instead of staying in hotels. Not only is the accomodation rate lower compared to hotel rooms, you feel as if you are just at the comfort of your home. Most holiday homes Europe are equipped with modern home facilities and comfortably furnished. Another thing that I love about staying at holiday homes is that I get to prepare meals for my family and eat what I want to eat. Don't get me wrong... I know most of us would want to relax and keep our hands off the kitchen as much as possible when on a holiday but it is just like cooking meals in a leaisurely way. It is different if you are making meals for the family in a different kitchen. And because we are staying literally in a house, we don't need to worry so much about the time. We can eat anytime we want compared to staying at hotels when breakfast is usually served between 7-10AM. Plus, we get to save money because we don't need to eat out each time we get hungry.

Most of the holiday homes are also located near the lake or national parks... so they are close to nature. You get a breath of very fresh air and is able to go on walks, treks or picnics. There are also lots of activities that can be done for a quality time with the family like fishing in the lake, sightseeing in the nearby town, or just staying at the holiday home and having barbeque with the family. You don't really need to follow a strict itinerary so that is another task off my shoudlers. You see, when you travel without really following a tight schedule, you get to relax more. And as a Mom, that is important for me. Now that is what I call a holiday...

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