Friday, December 30, 2011

Our 2011 Christmas Meal

This year's Christmas meal consisted of healthy and simple Filipino dishes, mainly seafood. It has been over a year since we feasted on tuna kinilaw so that we bought some fresh tuna at Elma's Fischhandel. If you live in Central Europe, eating fresh seafood is a rarity but if you know where to find them, you are lucky! So I guess we are lucky too.

So here's what we had: garlic shrimps, deep fried fish, tuna kinilaw and vegetable spring rolls.

The shrimps and the fish, we also got from Elma's.We love shrimps with the head and shells on because it is more tasty compared to the shelled ones. I bought Langustino shrimps, the large ones for the garlic shrimps, and Dorade Rose fish and deep fried them. The vegetable spring rolls was relatively easy to make. I sauteed onions, some ground pork, mung bean sprouts, carrot strips, and beans together  and flavored to taste. Then I wrapped them in spring roll sheets, which I got from Asian shops, and then fried in vegetable oil.

For dessert, I made chocolate muffins. My little girl helped decorate them with lady bugs and flowers.

I finished preparing for our Christmas meal in no time. It was a simple but glorious meal, shared with the family.

Hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas celebration too!

More info on Elma's Fischhandel at
Location: Neckarwiesenstr.5, 70188 Stuttgart(GroƟmarkt)
Opening Hours: Mondays: closed,
Tuesdays-Fridays.: 5:00AM-6:00PM, Saturdays: 5:00AM-2:00PM

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