Wednesday, December 7, 2011

And the First Snow Flakes Fell

Finally, the first snow flakes of the year fell... It happened yesterday. We were waiting for our turn for our presentation for our Biowaste Treatment Plant Design class when the snow fell. It was quite a heavy snow fall and like a child, I was so delighted! Although this is my 4th time to experience winter, seeing the snow flakes fall still amazes me. I just love it as the snow flakes touch the ground and covers everything in white. But it was also raining after the snow fell yesterday so that the rain just melted the snow away... And here's a photo to remember the day by...

It looks like rain but those are snow flakes... falling hard on the ground.
Well, I just hope it will snow again today. It has been raining since early morning so I don't know if it will. Keeping my fingers crossed though. I have no class today so I can keep a close watch out my window and wait for the snowflakes to come. My little princess is excited too!

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Joe-ann said...

that's the best part in winter, I guess...snow...other than that, I don't like winter at all.:) Btw, you look great!

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