Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ice Skating Fun

My little girl loves to try new things. There was this episode on Special Agent Oso on ice skating and my little girl, who so loves winter and snow excitedly, asked me if I can buy her ice skates so she can go ice skating. I think it was still summer when she asked.

And now that it is winter, she asked me again. Since buying her ice skates is out of the question, we took her to the ice skating rink instead. Hubby accompanied her in the skating rink since I don't know how to skate. We just rented since we don't have any idea yet whether she would like it or not. She had a difficulty balancing and so we also rented an "Eiszwerg" or a dwarf that she could hold on to while skating so that she won't fall down.

While watching them holding on to the Eiszwerg, errr skating, I daydreamed of my little girl all grown and being very good at figure skating, and winning lots of sport trophies. The daydream soon came to an end when hubby and my little girl approached me on the side of the rink and my little girl said, "Mommy, ich bin so schwer bei Schlittschuh laufen" which means "Mommy I find ice skating very difficult." Although she found it difficult, I can see in her eyes that she wants to try ice skating again. Maybe next time. When she is a bit older. All she needs is a good lesson, and lots of practice.

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Elvirah said...

Ice skaing is fun and its a very entertaining sport. I love skating as well and i wish i could, but cant. I am sure your little girl one day would be a great skater and make you a proud mamma.

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