Friday, May 15, 2009

Our New Ride

The key that drives the machine.

After more than a month of searching, we finally found a new family car, a BMW 320d Touring 2006 Model. It's a previously owned car but still in a very good condition, as if it wasn't used much. And being previously owned, I am sure we will be needing car parts like brake discs, gear boxes or A/C compressor in the future. I am just happy that these parts, among others, can be found online at! This auto parts online shop has a very wide selection of car parts for almost all car makers. Auto parts of famous makes like BMW, VW, Ford, Fiat, Porsche, Audi, Honda, Toyota can be found here. I am sure hubby will be very glad to know that they offer free shipping for orders above $50.00 and that each part bought has a full warranty. And what's more, they offer online support so that each customer gets the best quality at the best prices.

So if you need car parts, check them out. You just might find what you are looking for!


Sundanese Style said...

BMW is excelent cars, are you sure the parts very cheap?

Enchie said...

European cars is a worthy buy. Second hand or brand new. It will always be a classic. And I wonder how to use that key? :D

kamz said...

@ Enchie: you just insert the whole thing sa slot nya Ench.. tapos you press the start button and it will start na. the actual key though is inside the black casing. they made it that way so that even if the actual key is stolen, di pa rin mag-start ang car kasi parang immobilizer din kasi yung black casing or something like that. :D

@ Sundanese style: BMW parts are never very cheap but you can get them at the best prices if you know where to find them!

niko said...

wow!! congrats on ur new car.. someday soon bibili ako nyan pag mura na langis sa pinas :D


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