Saturday, May 30, 2020

Self-Defense Helps

When you go out in public you want to feel safe. It is a crazy world to live in, and you cannot control the things that go on in it. Though this is true, you should be prepared for emergencies best you can. If you are properly trained and equipped, you can keep yourself out of harm’s way. Here are a few things you can use for personal defense.

Learning self-defense techniques requires special training. This method means you do not have to be equipped with an item to protect yourself. It is important that you understand hand-to-hand combat is usually not a lethal act. So, if you are trying to defend yourself or getaway, this is a great way to do that.

This is one of the most lethal self-defense tools one can have. This should be used only in the most serious situations. You can have a small handgun with Glock trigger upgrades, which makes for a more user-friendly gun. You want something that has knockdown power but is easy to use. Make sure you look into your local laws to ensure handguns are legal to carry in your state.

Pepper Spray
Having pepper spray is a great way to blind or visually impair your attacker. If you spray the liquid into their eyes, they will have a burning sensation. This will give you the opportunity to either attack or get away depending on the immediate threat. You can purchase mace in a small, easy to carry can.

In close quarters, a knife can be used to protect yourself. With a sharp blade, you can do a lot of damage. You should know how to use it and be comfortable wielding it. You can easily carry a pocket knife out in public. Many come with a clip or are small enough to clip onto your pants.

How you choose to react to a situation should be practiced. You want to make sure that you use discernment when you are faced with an emergency.

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