Tuesday, May 26, 2020

A Name for Baby No. 2

Naming a child is one of the most important decisions any parent is faced with. Because once a name is decided, the child will bear it all though his/her lifetime. It may seem like a Herculian task, and it can at times be so, but thanks for modern technology, there is now a vast database of boy or girl names, along with their meanings, origins or roots, and even name or Saint's days.

But how do you select the name for your baby? Parents may choose popular names, or names which have a relevant meaning for the parents, or they name their child after a person who has a great influence on them. What is important I think is that the child will be identify with the name, and not get bullied for it once he / she grows up.

Since we are having a girl, (yes! it is a GIRL!), it should of course be a girl's name. Our first daughter has two names and I want the second baby to have two names too. So we are thinking of the following names:

Lilly - it is both the name of the flower Lily in english and comes in 150 varieties. A beautiful flower, it is a symbol of purity. It is also the short form for the Hebrew name Elizabeth, which means "my God is abundance" or "pledged to God". My daughter loves this name and wants to name her baby sister so.

Emilia - the Italian name has Latin origins ("aemulus") and is the female form for Emilio. When translated, it means the zealous, the hardworking, the imitator. I love the ring of the "-iya" at the end and I think that when combined with softer names, it gives the person more character and personality.  

Grace - the name is derived from the Latin word Gratia, which means grace, beauty, mercy. In Roman mythology, the three Gratia are the three daughters of Zeus. In Christendom, the name has come to mean "the mercy of God."

Hannah - the name comes from the Hebrew word "channah" and has biblical origins. It means gracious, graceful and lovely. In the bible, the name comes from the mother of the Prophet Samuel and the prophet Hannah. 

Marie - the name means "the stubborn" and "the one loved by God". Marie is considered a variant of the name Maria, the mother of Jesus, which goes back to Mirjam, and therefore has a Hebrew origin. 

Claire - the name has Latin origins and is derived from "clarus", with the feminine form "clara" being used only after the time of the Romans. It means the bright, the clear, the radiant, the shining. The name is known for St. Clare of Asissi, the founder of the Order of Claris. This is also a good name to someone who stands out and inspires. 

So these are our choices. Which name combination can you suggest? I would really love to hear from you. I will reveal in another post what Baby No. 2's name will be once we have decided on one so look out for it!     

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