Monday, June 24, 2019

Why June Weddings Are So Popular

To be a June bride is something that a woman may have dreamed of becoming. There must be something in the month of June that makes many couples want to marry in this month. But did you know that marrying in June traditionally goes way back into the Roman times?

Juno, The Goddess of Marriage
Yes, you read it right: the Roman era. It is believed that the goddess Juno, for which the month name June is derived from, protects women throughout their lives, that includes of course (!) marriage and childbirth, two important milestones in a woman's life.

Floral Scents Cover the Stench
Ever wonder what the bouquet of flowers is for? In the Medieval times, hygiene is not practiced in the way we know it now and bath soaps are a luxury that is difficult to have. There were only annual baths where one gets to thoroughly bathe. This is usually done in May or June, which means brides are still relatively fresh in the month of June. They carry along with them a bouquet of flowers, which are thankfully abundant in the month of June, to mask their body odor just in case.

Beautiful Weather
Practically speaking, for those of us living in the northern hemisphere, June is a perfect time to get married because it is the time when summertime kicks in. You have a higher chance of getting a beautiful weather. Add to that the longer days in June, which means you can also utilize outdoor space to the fullest.

So these are some reasons why many tend to marry in June. Do you know any other reasons? Be sure to add them in the comment section!

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