Monday, June 3, 2019

Occasions When Clocks Make a Great Gift

Milestones and rites of passage are the perfect opportunities to give something meaningful and symbolic to someone important in your life. When given as a gift, a clock can be deeply sentimental and become a cherished heirloom in someone’s life.

First Wedding Anniversary

Tradition calls for paper-themed gifts on your first wedding anniversary. Modern choices are changing traditions, though, and clocks are the choice for younger couples. Symbolic of time passing and promising eternity, the gift of a clock to your spouse is a sweet and romantic gesture to celebrate a year of marriage.
  • PenduLux clocks are beautiful, handcrafted pieces that both genders will appreciate. With so many options and styles to choose from, there is sure to be something to suit your spouse’s taste.


High school, college, even kindergarten graduations are a big deal. Celebrate the success of the special student in your life by giving them a watch. These are practical and heartfelt gifts that can be personalized to fit the graduate.
  • For the very young graduate, look into watches for small wrists with flexible bands. Little ones love seeing their favorite princess or superhero on the watch face!
  • A pocket watch makes a more adult statement for the older graduate. Have it engraved with their name and graduation year, or choose an inspirational quote to help inspire them.

Groomsman Gifts

Honor your friends for being there for you all those years, including the day of your wedding. Give them a special gift to mark your friendship.
  • Whether you choose a pocket watch or a wristwatch, either choice can be tailored to fit you and your friends’ personalities. There are pop culture choices, specialty engraving and ways to make this good gift a fantastic one.
Time will always march on, but it seems to slow down just a little bit during those special moments in life. Mark these moments with a meaningful gift to serve as a reminder.

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